App Store Frenzy Continues: Mobile Payment Company Mogees Acquires BerryStore

Mountain View, Calif.-based Mogees, a venture-backed company that builds payment platforms for the mobile phone, has purchased BerryStore, so that it can move into the mobile application store business. VentureBeat broke the news today. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. The BerryStore is an independent company that sells applications through a storefront that BlackBerry owners download to their phone.

VentureBeat said that the attractive thing about the BerryStore is that developers can sell applications for as low as 99 cents, which is more flexible than the $2.99 minimum required by Research In Motion’s App World. Until now, Mogees was just offering additional options for paid apps, such as subscription fees, free trials, and virtual goods, but now it will be able to control both distribution and billing. Interestingly, the founders of Mogees are from PayPal, which is handling the billing for the official BlackBerry App World.