Facebook Video No YouTube, But Growing Real Fast


[qi:_newteevee] Facebook has become such an integral part of life for more than 175 million people that little about the company really surprises me anymore. A few months ago, they became world’s largest online photo site. Today, Liz Gannes points out over at NewTeeVee that the site is getting a whopping 260,000 415,000 video uploads a day, nearly 40 percent of which are from webcams.  These are random videos that people have casually recorded and uploaded. Sure, that’s nothing compared to 15 hours of video uploaded per minute to YouTube, but it’s still a stunning number. Of course, when you have an audience that is the size of Facebook, any service you introduce can be real big, real fast. (Read the full story on NewTeeVee with additional details.)


Angel McClinton

The fact that people are using webcams definitely indicates that people are using video very differently on FB. The lack of stats available create an interesting dynamic don’t you think. People are less consumed with how many views they’re getting but focusing rather on ACTUAL communication.


The math below suggests Facebook video is doing 60% as many uploads per minute as YouTube is.

260,000 videos / day * 3 minutes / video = 780,000 minutes uploaded / day
divide by 60 = 13,000 hours uploaded / day
divide by 24 = 541 hours uploaded / hour
divide by 60 = 9 hours uploaded / minute

Om Malik

JJ while that seems like a good back-of-the-envelope math, unfortunately, not all videos are 3 minute videos and some are below a minute. So the number has to be lower. I am betting, that they will be getting to that magical 10 hour a minute mark real soon.

I for instance started uploading photos to Facebook because it was easy to do from my iPhone. I continue to do the same with my Blackberry and as videos-on-mobiles becomes easier, we will see more and more people doing the same and boom, just like that, we are going to have a major video boom on FB.

Angus Dei

I don’t get Facebook. You can’t check it out to see if you like it or not, it isn’t therefore Google searchable, so how could it make me any money? If I google my name, I come up with my MySpace page, and that has lead to me getting jobs and making money.

When somebody explains to me how Facebook will make me some cold hard cash, then I’ll consider it. So far, nobody’s been able to explain it satisfactorily at all. Same with Twitter. Both Facebook and Twitter appear – to me on the outside, at least – as nothing but trendy time and money wasters.


Facebook is Google searchable. Facebook profiles do come up in Google search results as long as the user elects that option in their privacy settings.


Hahaha..more video uploads, more costs , no revenue. Goodbye facebook and good riddance. Not even these paid post PR stunts will help them. Time to sell.

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