WebOS on a Netbook Could be the NBT

LAPTOP Magazine knows netbooks. They see every single netbook that comes down the pike and quite a few that don’t even make it to the U.S. An article they’ve published looks at the possibility that we may see netbooks running Palm’s WebOS and I have to agree with them.

Netbooks started with Linux and work quite well with that OS. It’s cheaper and generally runs better on less hardware than the Windows OS and is a good fit for the little netbook. That’s why we’ve been hearing that netbooks running the Android OS are going to happen Real Soon Now. Let’s face it, Android is Linux at its core and since it runs well on phones it will easily run well on low-end computers.

The same premise applies to the WebOS.  It, too, is Linux at its core and since it’s cleaner and has a very polished consumer interface it would likely be a great fit for netbooks. Palm has been careful to make sure that the upcoming Pre phone will not be the only target device for the WebOS, so netbooks may very well be in their plans.

LAPTOP Magazine gives some good reasons why WebOS would be a good fit for netbooks and the single best one in my view is how it will likely run very well on ARM processors. These processors are cheaper than Intel’s Atom and are powerful enough to make for good netbook processors. It is expected that a netbook with ARM inside could provide very long battery life, so if you could put a pretty face on a netbook with WebOS, Palm may be sitting on a gold mine.


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