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GigaOM Spring Cleaning: Motorola and Others Hit the Dustbin

We’re no rating agency here at GigaOM, but Om and I got together this week to figure out our coverage priorities for the coming months — let’s call it a spring cleaning — and decided there are five companies that we’re just not going to spend a lot of time on anymore. Nortel (S NT) , AMD (s AMD), Motorola (s MOT), Vonage (s VG) and Alcatel-Lucent (s ALU) are getting the boot.

We’re making room for five companies that we think deserve a little more attention and/or deeper scrutiny: Qualcomm (s QCOM), MetroPCS (s PCS), Huawei, Juniper Networks (s JNPR) and Clearwire (s CLWR). All but Huawei are public companies, but Huawei is big enough to matter. This isn’t to say there aren’t tens of other companies we plan to cover closely, but since we’ve essentially upgraded a few and downgraded these others, we figured you guys might care to know what we’re thinking. If not, just skip our rationale below:



  • Qualcomm — The titan of CDMA hasn’t sat back waiting for its licensing royalties to halt. We’re eager to see what it can do to make its Snapdragon chip more competitive on the graphics side and how its bets on MediaFLO and Gobi play out.
  • Juniper — The networking company is planning some serious forays into the data center with its Project Stratus. What can we say? We’re interested.
  • Huawei — This Chinese networking and telecommunication equipment provider is making waves in the world of WiMAX and as its home country builds out a 3G wireless infrastructure.
  • MetroPCS — The budget wireless carrier is interesting because it stands to grow during the crappy economy, and because it’s planning on an upgrade to LTE sooner than most of the national carriers.
  • Clearwire — WiMAX may never be the success Intel (s INTC), Sprint (s S) and Clearwire hope it will be, but it will be interesting to see how and if Clearwire and its partners can parlay the first 4G network to their own advantage.

5 Responses to “GigaOM Spring Cleaning: Motorola and Others Hit the Dustbin”

  1. Jesse Kopelman

    Doesn’t Motorola still own a big chunk of Clearwire? Sure they wrote it down to nothing like all the other investors, but the equity stake would still be there. In a way by covering Clearwire, you continue to cover Moto by proxy and that may just be the best way to do so.

  2. dalmatan

    Om is right .. Huawei is the most interesting and most dangerous. I’ve seen them is action. They may now have more engineers at IETF than Cisco. The dont need to buy Nortel ..every Nortel employee probably has a standing resume in place with Huawei. Look at where they are placing their North Americian Offices.

    As for Qualcomm ..the most detested name in mobile. Just ask the operators ..Why is VZ and Sprint so gang ho on LTE? Just to get out from under the dreaded Qualcomm tax on CDMA.

  3. I concur with Victor, about 5 years ago a friend hosted a conference in China, I was at the time Online Director for COLT Telecom ( in Europe and I told my colleagues at COLT to watch out for specifically two companies ZTE and Hauwei. At that time they were little known and COLT were firmly Cisco/Nortel partners.

  4. You missed ZTE. If you had to name two vendors that are of growing importance in North America it’s ZTE and Huawei — in that order. Personally I’ve been more impressed with ZTE to date, but both are extremely capable well organized companies.