GigaOM Spring Cleaning: Motorola and Others Hit the Dustbin

We’re no rating agency here at GigaOM, but Om and I got together this week to figure out our coverage priorities for the coming months — let’s call it a spring cleaning — and decided there are five companies that we’re just not going to spend a lot of time on anymore. Nortel , AMD, Motorola, Vonage and Alcatel-Lucent are getting the boot.

We’re making room for five companies that we think deserve a little more attention and/or deeper scrutiny: Qualcomm, MetroPCS, Huawei, Juniper Networks and Clearwire. All but Huawei are public companies, but Huawei is big enough to matter. This isn’t to say there aren’t tens of other companies we plan to cover closely, but since we’ve essentially upgraded a few and downgraded these others, we figured you guys might care to know what we’re thinking. If not, just skip our rationale below:



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