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Skype On Its Way to the iPhone

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The holy mecca of VOIP calling could be coming to an iPhone near you. Om Malik wrote that he received a tip that Skype is nearing release on the iPhone. What does this mean for us iPhone users?

Well, if I had my druthers, this would be the full VOIP application we’ve all been waiting for on the iPhone. No more third-party implementations (or imitations). No more waiting. This would be the real deal.

However, I might not get my way. In fact, we could receive a Skype iPhone app that sucks. Yes, it might just be an app that provides basic presence information to the rest of Skypedom. Or, it might charge me mobile minutes to use the service when making a call. If either is the case, then we might have a big Skype FAIL for the iPhone.

To our friends at Skype: will we see a fully enabled client for the iPhone? Will I be able to make calls as well as communicate with my existing Skype friends? What will the UI look like? I think that is my biggest concern. Having seen Skype 4.0 on Windows, I am scared to see what we might receive for the iPhone. The Mac Skype client is reasonable (kind of boring, actually), but at least it feels Mac-like.

In the end, the tip Om received is just that, a tip. We’ll all have to wait and see if the Skype for the iPhone makes its debut next week at CTIA Wireless. Until then, I am saying a little Skype prayer…

9 Responses to “Skype On Its Way to the iPhone”

  1. Cnxtreme

    Well.. Once again this exposes how big a problem it is when you don’t have multi tasking.. If you use Skype you better keep it in front because the second you go do anything else with your iPhone you’re immediately logged out of Skype so people can’t Skype-call and Skype-text you.. (They see you as off-line).

    No other device since the early 1990’s suffers from this.. Even (*&#$&)(#$ Winfdows Mobile which is horrific in almost every way at least manages multi tasking.

    Apple, please enter the 21st century. This is ridiculous.