Play Ball! Preview MLB.TV in HD Today

mlb_tvHey baseball fans, or heck, even non-baseball fans, MLB.TV is offering a free preview of its brand-new HD media player today to non-subscribers. Take a break from your daily grind to watch the Yankees take on the Phillies during a Spring Training game at 1:05 ET.

After last season, the league dropped Microsoft Silverlight in favor of Adobe’s Flash, and new features for this season’s video player include HD streaming and DVR functionality (both of which you’ll be able to check out as part of today’s sneak peek).

We’ve kept our eye on Major League Baseball because it’s a sport that really gets online video — and it gets people to pay. Half a million people ponied up $120 to subscribe to MLB.TV last year. But even the big leagues aren’t immune to the recession. MLB dropped the subscription price this year to $110 for the full-featured player and $80 for a stripped-down version.

If you’re more of a hockey fan, the NHL is also running a discounted special. Between tonight and the Stanley Cup Playoffs, users can sign up for single night of games for $19.95, or sign up to watch the rest of the season for $79.

Update: Looks like MLB wasn’t that great at pointing people to today’s game. A sharp-eyed commenter discovered it here: (free reg. required).