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PHOTOS: Tesla Model S Unveiling

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Today’s the big day: The Apple-esque unveiling of Tesla Motors’ latest concept car: a $57,400 electric sedan called the Model S. Tesla just pulled the sheets off two prototypes — one silver and one white — at the Los Angeles headquarters of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s other startup, SpaceX. As we expected: slick. What do you think?

Jason Calacanis, founder and CEO of Mahalo and a Tesla Roadster owner, was there. He snapped these photos and gave us permission to post them here (you can find more on his blog).




The following studio shots (along photos of an unfinished interior showing a giant touchscreen display) leaked out earlier today.



13 Responses to “PHOTOS: Tesla Model S Unveiling”

  1. Evan M.

    Looks too typical in the rear, and the bug catcher grill in the front will be a nightmare to clean. So basically it looks like a $57,000 Toyota coupe. Still wondering the grills purpose if there is no radiator or is it to ‘look traditional’.

    It’s electric! Where are the other bright design ideas?

  2. Great looking cars but terrible marketing. I didn’t see this on the national news or really anywhere on the net other than car and tech sources. Kevin Rose leaking the pictures did a heck of a lot more for their publicity and marketing than anything else. They should try to find someone who knows marketing to push these cars to the masses.

  3. if they can establish charging infrastructure here in the UK and successfully ramp up production I can imagine these being some of the most popular cars over the next 5-10 years. A full order book for the UK is almost guaranteed!