iPhone on AT&T: Satisfaction or Disappointment?

iphone-3gSince Om divorced his iPhone and AT&T’s service in general, he’s wondering if there are others in the same support group. I personally think that AT&T’s service issues (or any carrier’s really) are more dependent on your location and less so on the device you use. Om proved that very point when mentioning that a BlackBerry device exhibited the same challenges on AT&T’s network: is it any wonder he’s using a BlackBerry Curve 8900 on T-Mobile now?

There’s something to be said for a phone’s internal design and signal strength, but my iPhone shows “more bars in more places” more often than Om’s did. Case in point: I used a gallon of gas last week just to find a two-bar signal on my iPhone to test a signal booster. That’s because I don’t live or work in an area that’s oversaturated by iPhones and AT&T customers. Still, I can see why Om broke up with the device: if it’s not working for him, why should he agonize with it on a daily basis?

Anyway, Om’s running a little poll on the main GigaOm site that I’ve also embedded here after the break. He’s wondering how satisfied folks are using an iPhone on AT&T’s network. Me? I’m pretty happy, but I don’t live or work in a major metropolitan area so there are fewer handsets competing for service. Last I checked, the cows by me hadn’t even signed up for Twitter yet. ;)

Fill out the iPhone/AT&T Network Satisfaction Survey


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