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InstallerApp Desktop Client is Like iTunes for Unofficial Apps

picture-151Maybe you’ve gone the jailbreaking route with your iPhone, or maybe you haven’t, but you’ve likely been tempted by all the tantalizing apps and utilities available for those who have. Now there’s a new method for getting those apps on your iPhone, and it doesn’t necessarily require jailbreaking in order to work — although, I haven’t tested it out personally (you’ll see why later).

Ripdev’s new InstallerApp is a standalone application for your Mac computer (10.5 and up only, with a Windows version to follow) that allows you to install Installer and Cydia packages to your iPhone (not iPod touches, yet) via your computer over a USB connection, instead of directly through and on the iPhone, as was necessary in the past.


The interface of the program resembles a very basic version of the iTunes store layout, with categories listed in the left hand frame, and a list view of application packages available displayed in the main frame on the right. You can search the database in the lower right hand corner of the app window, and add your own sources to the default ones included.

The most interesting thing about InstallerApp is its “Pusher” feature, which I hinted at above. It claims to allow you to put on your iPhone, even if you haven’t jailbroken it first. The official InstallerApp site warns that this might cause instability on your iPhone, but the option is available for those feeling adventurous. Don’t expect this backdoor to stay open long, now that Apple (s aapl) is aware of it.

For $7, you can unlock all of InstallerApp’s features, but if you’re feeling understandably reluctant to part with your money, you can download the app now and use the “Pusher” feature to put on non-jailbroken iPhones. I would, but my iPhone is running 3.0, and InstallerApp is not yet compatible with the beta firmware. Let us ksznow what happens if you’re brave enough to try it.

4 Responses to “InstallerApp Desktop Client is Like iTunes for Unofficial Apps”

  1. This is a cool application.. I jus upgraded my iphone 2G to 3.0 firmware, nd installer app is not supporting :( Do u hav plans to upgrade the app to for 3.0 firmware?

  2. David B

    Man, I really want to know about this. I’ll agree that Cycorder is crappy, but I’m starting to get tired of the default look of my iPhone. I would jailbreak again, but I’m on a uni Macbook and don’t want to mess with USB drivers and I’m not going to buy a powered USB hub.

  3. Gazoobee

    I haven’t jailbroken my phone because I can never see a reason to. What I don’t understand is that articles that talk about jailbreaking always make some variation of the statement made here about being “… tempted by all the tantalizing apps and utilities available …” but whenever I ask someone who’s done it to tell me what they have that I don’t have, it usually just comes down to “I got a (crappy) video recording app.” I’ve looked through long lists of jailbroken software and by far the majority of it is just stolen regular apps as far as I can see.