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GigaOM iPhone-on-AT&T Customer Satisfaction Survey

You might have been following Om Malik’s trials and tribulations with AT&T (s ATT) over on GigaOM, which culminated in a very public breakup with his iPhone (s AAPL) last month. AT&T is refusing to admit that it has problems with its 3G network.

After several people at the Green:Net conference shared with Om their frustration over the iPhone/AT&T 3G network, we’ve created a customer satisfaction survey to get an idea of how widespread these problems are. Please help by filling out the survey.

5 Responses to “GigaOM iPhone-on-AT&T Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. @az the touchscreen thing is interesting. When I first heard that Wndows 7 has a touch interface I though “gimmick”. But now having used my iPhone for a while, maybe it’s not! Like you I love the multitouch interface.

  2. My complaint is with the cost of the contract and the battery life. Of course, when I leave my city, 3G is long gone, and EDGE is just awful. Just awful.

    Other than that, it works amazing and i absolutely love my phone. I think I use my computer probably 75% less as it is always online and with me wherever I go.

    And maybe this is the kid in me talking, but I just love touch screen manipulation and the UI. Going back to keyboard and mouse after that occasionally feels archaic; like I’m a bloody savage.

  3. Tony Karakashian

    I came to this page as its title intrigued me while I was reading about your Google Tasks/GTD hybrid. I gotta tell you, this isn’t really a good survey for one simple reason: while a lot of people complain about their experiences, I have absolutely nothing to complain about with my AT&T iPhone.

    {Sarcasm}Yes, I’m an AT&T shill, paid by AT&T just to post positive comments. :)

    I read Om’s posts and I have to believe his issues are related to his location in some way. In Upstate, NY, I continuously have four bars on my iPhone. In fact, the only time I have less is when less is when visiting my in-laws who live in the middle of nowhere. But, there I get at least one bar. With Verizon I consistently got none. It even got to the point that I stopped bringing by cell phone with me when I went to visit because it was useless.

    As for dropped calls, I think I recall it happening once. But, I’m always on conference calls for an hour or so at a time without an issue.