Xobni Loses Beta Tag, Adds Speed


Xobni, a very useful Microsoft Oulook (s msft) plug-in that we’ve covered with glowing reviews previously, has droppped its beta tag with version 1.7, released today.

As well as dropping the beta tag, the latest version concentrates on performance improvements. According to Xobni, Outlook now starts 31 percent faster, while Xobni itself loads 42 percent faster. Users with large inboxes should notice even greater benefits. You can also now choose not to start Xobni until you need it.

Xobni is a free download, although the company is working on a premium service due to launch this summer.

Do you use Xobni?



Xobni is a good tool, but for work i prefer Lookeen. @Paul: i´ve similar experiences, xobni slowes your machine down. maybe you should try lookeen (www.lookeen.com)



i tried xobni too, but wasnt very satisfied with the search results…it always didnt bring me that what i was searching for! Another negativ aspect was that it was so big that it slowed my pc and outlook really down…
Does anybody knows nother outlook search tool, which runs on microsoft vista??


Been using Xobni since early beta, and love it. Noticed that mine was still on v1.4 today though, so perhaps the auto update has not been working?

Eric Berlin

Performance improvements on Outlook is huge. I had a lagging issue on my office computer for months, at times it took up to 15 minutes for Outlook to fire up !

Matt Heinz

Love Xobni. Huge time-saver for finding old attachments in particular. Great way to see a lot of information focused in and around an individual in one place.

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