ShopSavvy for Android Now Shows Local Inventory of Products

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We have covered the free Android app ShopSavvy before as we find it one of the most useful programs ever to hit a smartphone. ShopSavvy scans barcodes on products and in real-time finds the best deals for the product in hand, both online and at local retailers using the handset’s GPS location.

Today, ShopSavvy has improved, due to technology provided by Krillion. The program will now produce an accurate picture of the local inventories at major retailers of the search product and thus allow you to see not only where you can find the desired product, but also who actually has it in stock.

“Directing shoppers to local stores is a core feature of ShopSavvy, and being able to present our users with up-to-the-minute, local inventory across hundreds of product categories and merchants adds huge value for our users,” said Alexander Muse, co-founder of Big in Japan. “Our recent enhancements to ShopSavvy’s location awareness make our new relationship with Krillion even more compelling for ShopSavvy users.”

ShopSavvy is available through the Android App Market on the G1 Android (s GOOG) phone. Here’s a video overview of the program sans the new inventory capability:

1 Comment

Richard Jarvis

This is a wonderful product, with one exception. Here it is: ShopSavvy doesn’t display any local information when I “Search for a Product”. I have turned “ON” the “Find My Location under Settings/Privacy, but ShopSavvy still doesn’t find any products under “Local”. What can I do?
Dick Jarvis

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