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Manymoon: Project Management with Google Apps Integration

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manymoonThere’s no shortage of options for those looking to manage projects using web-based applications these days. Manymoon is another recent entry in this expanding category, and they are a serious contender that doesn’t lack for professionalism and features. Question is, is there something you can get at Manymoon that you aren’t already getting with your current project management solution?

Manymoon is well-designed, with a clean interface throughout. Of course, that’s true of a lot of project management web apps, and especially the free ones targeted at the independent, rather than the enterprise, user. Commands and tools are housed in submenus and tabs to keep visual clutter on any given page to a minimum. And I do find that everything is located where I intuitively expect it to be, which is not necessarily always the case in other apps.

picture-54Your home screen looks more like a Facebook newsfeed than the dashboard-type interface you might be used to from other comparable services. You receive updates here based on the recent activities of members of your project team. Things like the creation or completion of a task or a project, what any member is currently working on, and additions to the project team will all show up here as they occur.

picture-35Setting up a project is easy, and assigning sub-tasks within that project is as complicated or as simple as you need it to be. By default, task addition is shown in a convenient quick entry mode: all you need to enter is a title. Clicking “Show options” allows you to add more detailed information, like a due date, priority, project staff responsible and file attachments.

picture-42One really nice feature that sets Manymoon apart from other similar services is its Google Apps integration. You can tie your project and task deadlines to Google Calendar, right from within the web app, automatically. And you can attach documents directly from your Google Docs account, as well as those you upload from your hard drive. It’s definitely a huge plus if you depend on Google Docs as much as I do.

They’ve taken some cues from Facebook and Twitter, in that you can quickly and easily post about what you’re currently working on, or a useful link, from entry fields on the right of the home page. This certainly comes in handy when you want to draw your team’s attention to a useful resource without going to the trouble of sending a mass email.

While the basic version is free, Manymoon also offers two levels of upgrade, which offer you more storage space, and other custom options, for $5 and $10 a month. Since, for my purposes the 5MB allowed on the free version is more than enough, I highly recommend Manymoon as an inexpensive project management solution, especially to those who already depend heavily on Google Apps.

Does the Google Apps integration in Manymoon appeal to you?

21 Responses to “Manymoon: Project Management with Google Apps Integration”

  1. I checked out and it was working fine. In fact I was very impressed and am now using it.

    It is free so am not sure what Joseph meant
    I looked at manymoon aswerlll and whiole it seems good I preferred dooster. not sure why But it just seems more intuitive or something?

  2. As Mr. Etherington states, manymoon is an ‘inexpensive project management solution’. manymoon is a great tool for someone looking for a free, easy to use project manager. It works great, has great customer service & encourages feedback and suggestions. I have used other project managers that as one comment said was ‘overkill’.

    If however, you are more like John & AHinMaine, where your projects are so enormous & complex that you would chuckle at the thought of Manymoon then you probably need to dish out the big bucks to purchase whatever software you determine to be “real” and “scientific”.

    For anyone who needs a little more than what is offered in manymoon’s freeware, they do offer an upgrade that is still cost effective. You just need to determine how big &/or expensive your project management tastes are.

    • joseph Steuer

      It looks great, but even though the site says it is in beta and you can use it, you cannot download now. All you can do is enter your email and wait to be informed of its arrival. And it does not look as if it will be free either. Does anyone have any word about this?

  3. Ed Wright

    Yeh its good but a little limited even as a task management tool

    For tasks and general project / team organising the best one I have found is

    I got an invite to use it in oprivate beta so not sure if it’s generally vailable yet. But when it is check it out as it totally rocks

  4. Office Live Workspace is a similar, free service from Microsoft that can be used as a stand-alone online collaboration/project tracking tool, or it can be easily integrated into the MS Office program suite. The latter is great because it means you do not have to log into a site every time you wish to upload a new file. Check it out at

    Jeff D
    Office Live Outreach Team

  5. @ John and AH – if all you need to manage on your projects is a few tasks (say you build fairly basic web sites), why can’t you use something simple like this for project management? MS Project, for example, would be overkill.

  6. AHinMaine

    I second what John says, *not* project management. Almost completely devoid of the features that one finds in real project management software. From the simplest features such as task dependencies to more advanced features such as Gantt charts (present in the majority of real project mgmt software), this software has none of those things. I didn’t stick around long enough to see the email of the daily task summary, but there doesn’t even appear to be a way to see a summary of your time spent on a project via the web interface.

    Real project management is a science of which manymoon has very little knowledge.

    If simple task tracking is all you need, this is a fairly clean and ajaxy interface with convenient group interaction capabilities.

  7. Rachael

    I love this application, and have been using it for 2 months now. It’s more than project management! It is super easy to use – and has truly improved my worklife – I can follow up and do everything I want using this one application and it really helps me stay on track!! And I absolutely love the Google docs integration and the fact that I can post links I want to share!