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Google Mobile for BlackBerry Gains Voice Search, My Location

fishnchipsMy fake British accent isn’t worth a darn, so folks in the UK will have to test Google’s (s GOOG) new features on a BlackBerry (s RIMM) for me. The latest Google Mobile client for BlackBerry includes support for British English (sorry, no Pig Latin but I hear it’s omingcay oonsay*) for voice searching.

You won’t have to specify where you’re looking for something any longer, either: My Location is also in the gooey center of this new release. Just point your ‘Berry at to downoad and artstay peakingsay. I mean: start speaking. Sadly, there’s no Google Mobile love for the Storm yet. Other supported BlackBerrys need OS 4.1 or better for the app; you’ll need 4.2 for voice search.

* translation source

One Response to “Google Mobile for BlackBerry Gains Voice Search, My Location”

  1. This has promise. I just downloaded it for my newest BlackBerry, the Curve 8900.

    It immediately recognized my zip code (I told the program to use my location). I spoke “Italian restaurants,” “Chinese restaurants” and “pizza.” It recognized the first and third on the first try, but needed a second try to accurately get “Chinese restaurants.”