8 iPhone Apps to Help Save the Planet


Over at TheAppleBlog, Nick Santilli has rounded up a few iPhone apps to help consumers “go green.” He takes a look at tools to help you find green living tips and retailers, as well as a couple apps for measuring your environmental footprint. The free shopgreen app seems especially neat — answer questions about your choices and behaviors to earn discounts at participating retailers.

They may not be the eco-geekiest tools in the App Store, but check out his list and suggest a few of your own. Tendril, perhaps? Or maybe you found a winner on our list of apps to save gas. Head on over and check out the full list!




I am very proud to notice you a new very addictive game: SAVE THE PLANET


Your mission is to save the planet from trash!

When objects appears on the screen just tap the right trashcan to make your collection of items for recycling…sounds easy?!…just try yourself!

The level is completed, within a given time, when the percentage of recycling is 100%.

Save the planet becomes harder by increasing of difficulty level!

  • over 45 game levels
  • over 200 objects to recycle
  • original soundtrack
  • over 60 special objects to gain bonus
  • ability to suspend/resume your game

This’s our contribute to save the earth. Remember: earth needs you!

Marco Graziano

Visible Energy just introduced the UFO powerstrip with an iPhone app to read power consumption and cost at the Green:Net conference yesterday.

The iPhone app is called Energy UFO.

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