Barnes & Noble Launches E-Book Reader For RIM; Apple Sued Over E-book Reader

Bookstore chain Barnes & Noble has launched a free electronic-reader application for BlackBerrys, citing consumer demand for the application. “BlackBerry users can use the device’s built-in browser to download the latest free e-Book reader. They will then have access to free e-books and can browse among more than 60,000 titles for sale at Fictionwise’s eReader online shop,” reports the Wall Street Journal. Barnes & Noble bought Fictionwise earlier this month for $15.7 million. The company is positioning itself in response to the flagging of general booksales and the rise of e-Book sales.

Meanwhile, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is being sued by a Swiss company for launching an e-Book reader. The patent “describes a “light-weight” electronic device with a “touch-screen” LCD-display having the “dimensions such that […] approximately one page of a book can be illustrated at normal size, this display being integrated in a flat, frame-like housing” reports Apple Insider. Apple has at least two e-Book readers — Amazon’s Kindle and another called Classics. About a week ago Discovery sued Amazon, claiming the Kindle infringed one of its patents.


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