Barnes & Noble Launches E-Book Reader For RIM; Apple Sued Over E-book Reader


Bookstore chain Barnes & Noble has launched a free electronic-reader application for BlackBerrys, citing consumer demand for the application. “BlackBerry users can use the device’s built-in browser to download the latest free e-Book reader. They will then have access to free e-books and can browse among more than 60,000 titles for sale at Fictionwise’s eReader online shop,” reports the Wall Street Journal. Barnes & Noble bought Fictionwise earlier this month for $15.7 million. The company is positioning itself in response to the flagging of general booksales and the rise of e-Book sales.

Meanwhile, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is being sued by a Swiss company for launching an e-Book reader. The patent “describes a “light-weight” electronic device with a “touch-screen” LCD-display having the “dimensions such that […] approximately one page of a book can be illustrated at normal size, this display being integrated in a flat, frame-like housing” reports Apple Insider. Apple has at least two e-Book readers — Amazon’s Kindle and another called Classics. About a week ago Discovery sued Amazon, claiming the Kindle infringed one of its patents.



Frivolous as it may be, it will probably be cheaper for apple to settle than pay legal fees. Unfortunately this 'loophole' only inspires more lawsuits.

Jamie Poitra

Have to wonder what the legality is of suing Apple for creating an eBook reader when the software that makes it an eBook reader is not made by them? They aren't Apple's eBook reader apps. And it's not like Apple advertises the iPhone or iPod Touch as being "eBook Readers." Totally bizarre.

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