Peek Pronto Adds Push Email for 5 Accounts, Old Devices Get Same Software

Peek-ProntoWe’ve heard rumors of a new device from Peek for a good month or two. Peek, if you don’t recall, is an email only device that runs on T-Mobile’s EDGE data network: You buy the small device outright and pay a monthly fee for the email service. From a hardware perspective, the device is functional and usable. But from the software side, it’s a little lacking. Enter the Pronto, which was announced today.

From what I can see all of the changes in this new model are on the inside and address the software limitations found in the first model. Actually, I can’t see any noticeable differences in the hardware at all. Oh, but the software and service — that’s where the goodness comes in. The new Pronto offers Push email, so messages will arrive right after they hit the mail server. And instead of just supporting two email accounts, the Pronto handles up to five. Attachment support gets better as well: the new device can view PDFs and Doc files; it was pics only on the prior unit. Peek also added a search feature and support for Microsoft Exchange in the new software. Pronto pricing starts at $80, while the older model can still be had for $50 and monthly pricing for unlimited email and text messages remains at $20.

I’m really wondering what else might be different between the two device models and here’s why: Based on an email I received from Peek, the old devices can be upgraded to run the same software as the Pronto:

“The good news for you Peeksters is that we want all of you to have the software that will be powering Pronto – for free. Next week I’m going to let you know the details of how you can upgrade your Peek so that you can have the same software that will be on Pronto. I think you’re going to like it!”

Common sense is telling me that owners of the original device will have send their device in, since it’s not software upgradable by end users. At least, it hasn’t been up to now.


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