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Emmys Elevate Interactive Media

The EmmyEveryone knows that following a top TV show is no longer just about watching the show. Some of our favorites, like Lost, have enhanced the draw of their stories through online games, interactive back stories, and tons of extra content like podcasts.

The Interactive Media Peer Group at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced today that it’s further legitimizing the contribution of online media by changing the status of Interactive Media Finalists to full Emmy nominee status. This might seem like a minor development, but it’s a good step for creators of ARGs and for the millions of fans that want to see further growth in this space. The more recognition interactive media gets, the more new, creative, challenging experiences will pop up and the less content creators will be seen as designated pushers of marketing vehicles.

This positive development is sadly underscored by the fact that there will be only three final nominees this year, as opposed to the five finalists from last year. But they’re still bound to get more recognition this time around, even if they’re hardly noted during the main telecast.

Previously, the Academy announced that any broadband content is also eligible to be nominated for any of the regular prime-time Emmy award categories. According to the rules for the Emmy IMP award, an interactive media nominee is rated according to eight different scores such as user experience, creative achievement, and design/interface. There are fiction and nonfiction categories.

LostLiz Gannes last year was a judge for the fiction category and found the experience to be fascinating, especially regarding the wide variety of content.’s “Heroes Digital Experience” ended up winning the fiction award category she judged.

Any show with relevant media is eligible to be nominated, and show runners must now enter through the updated Emmy site at

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