Apple Sued for E-book Reader Patent Infringement

kindle-for-iphone1The frivolous lawsuits show no signs of abating with the recent suit against Apple filed in Virginia.  MONEC Holding Ltd., a Swiss company, has filed a patent infringement suit claiming that Apple’s promotion of the iPhone as an e-book reader violates the firm’s 2002 patent.

This suit seems to be in response to the appearance of the Kindle for iPhone app in the Apple App Store, as other e-book reader apps have been available on the iPhone for a while. The iPhone is hardly the first mobile device with the ability to read e-books as I have been reading them since the Palm VX in 1999. This suit will surely not stand but it’s aggravating to see these types of hassles simply designed to try to extract money out of the deepest pocket.

(via AppleInsider)


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