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Apple Introduces Cross-border Shopping, for Some

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Up until today, Apple (s aapl) customers have only been able to ship products bought via Apple’s online stores to addresses located in the country of the store they’re ordering from. I say up until today because as of now, that’s no longer the case.

Now if you wanted to give your friend in Mexico an iPod for his birthday, all you have to do is opt for Cross Border shopping from There are currently 20 countries available for international delivery.

While the list does include France, Italy, Spain, UK, and Mexico, one notable absence is Canada. I mean, seriously, we’re right here. Mexico gets the nod, but we’re left out in the cold (excuse the pun)? Well, life isn’t fair, and a list of 20 means a lot of other countries are probably feeling left out as well, so I’ll swallow my national pride and move on.

Shopping internationally is easy, but easier if you speak the language of the country you want to ship to, because you have to shop at the international store of your choice in order to place your order. That means you’re also billed in the international currency of the store you’re shopping at, with the conversion rate from USD being determined by your bank at the time of the actual transaction. That means that buying the entry-level Mac mini for your friend in the UK right now would cost you US$735, and I’m not sure how the taxation works on that. Definitely not a way to take advantage of the generally cheaper U.S. pricing.

If you don’t speak the language of the store you want to buy from (say, British, for example), you can call Apple directly and they’ll help you with your order in the language of your choosing. At this time you can only use a credit card to pay. Not sure if this will really catch on in a big way, but there must be some market out there for it if Apple’s already gone and done it.

8 Responses to “Apple Introduces Cross-border Shopping, for Some”

  1. Garreth

    This is not surprising. Apple often snubs Canada. Perhaps that is the reason why there are so many avid Hackintosh-ers here in the great white north.

  2. They have to ship international because
    the Europeans got the cash. Specially the Germans, Austrians and Swedish except the Britons. Germans and Austrian did save up for a rainy day´s.
    Therefor my advice to you put your savings to a German bank.

  3. just set up a us account when your in canada and make up a us address with the nearest zip. If you do itunes cards you can buy them on ebay or make a weekend trip to the us. This is probably why they didn’t include Canada.

  4. The cross-border statement really is false. If Europeans want to buy from the US Apple site to take advantage of the weak dollar, it is still only US Unlocked’s service that will enable that. Truthfully, the dollar is not weak enough at this point to be an advantage. Analysts, however foresee a new big dip in the dollar value soon. When that happens count on US Unlocked for the cross-border purchase and not on Apple!

  5. Albert Hynek

    Honestly i think this will be usefull to many people but come on they leave us out in CANADA??????? Right beside them! what the hell. Anyway we seem to be left out quite often when it comes to apple (missing music, using itunes gift cards for apps)