Android App Syncs Contacts and Calendar With Exchange


viewRight about the time T-Mobile initially offered the G1 handset, we mentioned a useful free application from Wrike. The software synchronized contacts on your Microsoft (s MSFT) Exchange server with the Android (s GOOG) handset. Useful, to be sure, but that left out any appointments in your calendar. That changes this week, so does the “free” price tag.

On Thursday, Wrike’s ContactsCalendarSync application will hit the Android Marketplace and it adds Calendar support for Microsoft Exchange accounts. You’ll need to be using Exchange Server 2007 for it work and you’ll also have to drop $24.95 for the application.

That price seems a bit steep for me, considering the Contact sync functionality was free. Of course, back then all developers were constrained to offer free applications so maybe I’m not evaluating the price fairly. In the end, G1 owners that use Microsoft Exchange will have to decide if this functionality is worth the money.

Folks that are new to the G1 device might be wondering how Exchange email fits into this equation. The G1 can handle Exchange mail using IMAP settings and without any additional software. It’s not native support using Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology, but it does work.



Not any more.. Next version (end-of-april) supports live pass-through of contact add/delete/update into the android contacts
Added some grease to that squeaky wheel :-)


I’ve tried touchdown, it makes you to use their own contact book, calendar and email client. Touchdown contacts are not integrated into dialer or messaging, which sucks. This Wrike’s app seems to be integrated with the phone itself and all its applications.

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