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PRS Steps Up YouTube Fight With Pro-Artist Petition Site

What do Peter Waterman, Jools Holland, Carol Decker, Abba and Gang Of Four all have in common? They are each amongst the signatories to a new site, Fair Play For Creators, launched by royalty collector PRS For Music as it starts to play hard ball in its YouTube negotiations.

PRS was shocked when YouTube went public with its opposition to proposed new online music rates earlier this month, before pulling down thousands of videos with containing songs. But the society opened the new site Tuesday night to counteract YouTube’s press statements with pro-artist, anti-Google (NSDQ: GOOG) testimonies from a range of musicians and music biz figures. And PRS is also inviting other readers’ comments to use in the public relations battle against the video site. PRS pointed to a Facebook campaign group with 40,000 members.

One Response to “PRS Steps Up YouTube Fight With Pro-Artist Petition Site”

  1. Interesting article.

    Unfortunately the Fair Play For Creators site is heavily censored by its admin so no pro YouTube view can be aired — No real surprise but it does mean the site is worthless.

    As for the Facebook site, if you visit it you find the site is there to promote the posts work not the PRS.

    Also you will see that all the posts seem to ether be links to other groups or people denouncing the PRS — Strange they would like to such a negative forum.

    Well negative for the PRS