Broadband Content Bits: Online Video Subtitles: Eircom's Footy Site; ITV-Loose Women;


imageSubtitles help online video: Real-time subtitles and captions can increase viewing time by almost 40 percent, according to a survey by online video firm PLYmedia. The company carried out a trial of its sub-titling service subPLY across 50 countries which found that videos without subtitles were watched until they finished by 66 percent of viewers on average, though that figure grew to 91 percent with subtitles. Via

Eircom: The Irish telco has launched a football site, Soccer Republic, with social media agency Yomego. The site ties in with Eircom’s sponsorship of the Irish national team but has news about and chatrooms based around the English Premier League, too. Yomego won a competitive pitch to run the site in November. From

ITV-Loose Women: Having put Friends Reunited on the auction block, ITV (LSE: ITV) is looking to step up its social media efforts, starting with daytime discussion show Loose Women. The company has hired US social media firm KickApps to create a mini social network on a new site for the show, launching next week. Fans will be able to create their own profiles, linked to their MySpace or Facebook profiles. Loose Women, just like sci-fi series Primeval, will get its own Twitter feed. The moves are part of a wider project, labeled Penguin, to update the presence of all ITV shows this year. From Boisterous VOD portal has a new 10-part series of videos produced by Pete Gibbons, who produced the KateModern series for Bebo. They feature “Neg” from Channel 4’s Balls of Steel attempting to carry out various challenges, with Bragster users encouraged to give their verdict and suggest future tasks for him. The company is offering sponsorship packages for the series.

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