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Vuze Moves to the Big Screen

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vuzeP2P video platform Vuze today announced that users can now watch content downloaded to their Mac or PC on mobile and TV screens. The Vuze software update supports viewing via iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, PS3, and Xbox 360.

In the latest version of Vuze, there is a “Devices” tab listing the various viewing options. Users drag and drop videos from their Vuze library to one of these destinations and the software will determine whether the file can play on the device selected, convert the file and make it available for playback. For iTunes users, the video will be pushed into the iTunes library, where it can be moved around to various Apple (s aapl) devices. For Xbox and PlayStation users, the content will be streamed to the game console from the computer.

Last year was a rough one for Vuze as the company went through two rounds of layoffs, losing half of its work force. In October, Vuze launched a revamped client that was aimed at both beginners and power users (read: pirates), and around that time switched from a paid download model to ad-supported content in an effort regain some of the losses it experienced as users moved to other BitTorrent clients.

2 Responses to “Vuze Moves to the Big Screen”

  1. Tamas Simon

    That’s a progress but it is still too complicated.
    I don’t want to drag-and-drop anything anywhere.

    Right now I have boxee running on my AppleTV.
    I shared out my movies folder which is the default download location for my downloads.

    I don’t need to drag-and-drop anything.

    And when downloads in boxee will start to work it will be even easier.

    I suggest they make the conversions happen by default, automated (configurable in preferences)… so all you need to do is select what you want to download and it automagically gets on the device.