Nokia Revs Mail for Exchange to v2.9.158

screenshot0010Nokia actually outed a new MfE version about eight days ago, but I just got wind of it from the E-Series blog. I did upgrade the version on the loaner E63 over the weekend and there’s plenty of changes in the new software. The full release notes are right here (PDF) if you want take a nap get up to speed, but here are some highlights that stood out to me:

  • Mail for Exchange can now actively switch between WiFi and GPRS connections automatically if your phone supports Destinations.
  • Much better battery life in adverse network conditions. If the Mail for Exchange client can’t maintain a connection to the Exchange Server, it automatically switches to polling every 15 minutes. The client will switch back to Always on at the next scheduled period.
  • Mail for Exchange setting tabs are no longer dynamically displayed, instead all tabs are always displayed.
  • Pictures in contacts are now synchronized.
  • Synchronization issues with Exchange 2007 servers: Some events were causing the calendar synchronization to stop working. These have been corrected.
  • Guatemalan Daylight Savings Time calendar events were ‘off’ by 1 hour: Calendar events in Guatemalan Daylight Savings time are now correct. [Proving that there’s something for everybody in the new release! ;) ]

Mail for Exchange is part of a pretty convoluted — but free — setup that I’m using with the E63. I use the client for my GigaOM work mail on Gmail (s GOOG). To keep things separate between work and personal, I’m actually using the Google Mobile Gmail client for my personal Gmail. Contacts are coming in through the Google Sync application while I have three calendars in sync by using the previously mentioned NuevaSync beta. Told you it was convoluted! GooSync is likely a far better approach, but I really don’t want to buy an annual service for a loaner phone.