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Netflix and Facebook Link Movie Ratings

Netflix (s NFLX) tonight is announcing integration with Facebook Connect, meaning users can link their accounts and relationships across the two services. Netflix members’ ratings for a movie will show up on their Facebook profiles, where friends can comment and click back to Netflix to add the movie to their own queue.

It doesn’t require any sort of advanced degree to theorize that entertainment and friends are a good pair. We love watching movies with friends, talking about movies with friends, gossiping about movie stars with friends. Many early Facebook Connect partners and many of the most popular Connect implementations have been video-related. The most recent notable video company convert to Facebook was the fast-growing Hulu (though apparently that’s using an old API rather than Connect). Prior to that, sites including Variety added Facebook chat for the Oscars.

As for Netflix, we think this integration could go much further, to include setting up movie dates between friends, distributing friends’ recommendations, enabling streaming movie chatrooms, and more. C’mon, these are two of the most popular and loved sites on the web, and they have so little in common (besides perhaps their userbases). There are a lot of places for collaboration. Netflix did say in a press release that it anticipates additional features with Facebook Connect and welcomes comments on its Facebook page and Twitter account.

3 Responses to “Netflix and Facebook Link Movie Ratings”

  1. FB connect is cool , Not sure why Netflix waited for a year to catch up…well I like Netflix . I also looked around to see what is the best available facebook application out there and by far Netflix Movie Wall ( ) is the coolest application out there ….it lets you do a lot of cool things about a movie and see what your friends on facebook like and what your FB friends have in their Queue. One more cool thing they let you hide movies from your queue or rental history so you can only vide it and not your FB friends, I like privacy so I am a huge fan of this feature. I think they also have a long way to go but are doing thing better than other applications out there .
    My 2 cents