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Hulu Grew 33% in February

Though we’ve worried that Hulu’s success might make it a victim, by driving its content providers to limit their offerings and provoking cable companies to get in the game, the site keeps growing its wedge of the American audience.

If Hulu can keep moving up the charts, it may just capture enough hearts and minds to stay there for the long term. The company is now the No. 4 biggest video streamer in the U.S., according to comScore, and the No. 2 according to Nielsen. comScore reports the site grew its number of viewers 42 percent and its number of streams 33 percent in February, a shortened month that saw a drop for most video sites in the top 10.

Here’s Hulu’s account of its rise:


(This data comes via email from Hulu this morning, along with a summary of comScore’s January video stats. It seems Hulu is making a cheeky habit of releasing comScore’s monthly data before the research company does so itself.)

Hulu places fourth by comScore’s measure of both number of streams and unique viewers in February, with 333 million streams and 34.7 million viewers. That’s a significant leap up from 250 million streams and 24.4 million viewers in January. Hulu itself has attributed a major bump to its Super Bowl ad. Owing to its long-form content, the site is second only to YouTube by number of minutes per viewer, with 64.5. But that’s down from 79 minutes per viewer in January.


We have to hope comScore will be irked enough by Hulu putting out these stats to start releasing its own video measurement data earlier each month, so we can stop reading like a Hulu press release! But honestly, Hulu is the story here, after years of YouTube dominance and barely a switch by other sites near the top of these charts. However, it does looks like another story is just around the corner. CBS Interactive, which controls Hulu rival, cracked the top 10. We’d expect to grow even further this month after its big promotional push within CBS’s (s CBS) March Madness On Demand video service.

comScore counted 13.1 billion overall U.S. streams in February spread amongst 145 million unique viewers. Google/YouTube had 5.35 billion streams and 99.4 million viewers.

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