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Cha-Ching Touch Finally in App Store

chachingtouchicon1If you follow Midnight Apps on Twitter, you know it’s taken the better part of a month. But they’ve finally navigated the App Store approval process, and Cha-Ching Touch is now available for purchase via the App Store. We gave an early look at Cha-Ching Touch (that is, the version available for iPhone or iPod touch) about a month ago, in case you missed it.

For $2.99 (introductory price, in the App Store) you can track your purchases and budget on the go, always knowing what your cash flow situation looks like. Cha-Ching Touch brings extreme usability and a lovely user interface to your finance-tracking tasks, adding the ability to add locations to your payees, to make point-of-sale entry that much simpler. Cha-Ching Touch will also sync with the (currently in beta) desktop version of Cha-Ching 2 (scroll down the page a bit), so your dollars and cents should all add up at the end of the day no matter what device you’re using.