Bookmark This: Online E-Book Price Check


OK, fans of e-books. How many times have you wanted to purchase a digital title but weren’t sure you were getting the best deal? Obviously, the content format plays a part in your decision making process, but the price might have something to do with it too. That’s where comes into play. On the site, you search for content by author, title or ISBN. It returns results from Amazon,, Powell’s, ereadable and Diesel, showing you the price and format availability. According to TeleRead, the site will be adding results from A1Books, Fictionwise and BooksOnBoard in the future.

The timing is perfect for me. Today’s the day when I finally return the Kindle to James and it’s also the day I ordered a Kindle 2 from Amazon (s AMZN), which should be here tomorrow. That sync technology kept whispering sweet nothings to me. Don’t worry eReader: there’s still a place in my heart (and on my phone) for books you sold me. :)