4 Responses to “Alarmed By 'Reality Of New-Left,' Former Microsoft Exec Joins RNC”

  1. Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Can it really be called his "personal blog" if he seemingly only created it the day before for the apparent sole purpose of posting the entry which you cite? Perhaps it would have been more correct to say " from his introductory first post on his new personal blog" just so we readers won't get all confused.

  2. michelle

    who'd 'ave thunk that meek lil' ole Majority Leader Reid would be more authoritarian than George "Gitmo" Bush; or Scooter "Out a Covert CIA Operative" Libby; or Dick "Extraordinary Rendition" Cheney; or Newt "dumped my second wife for a staffer" Gingrich' (ok, that was gratuitous). But really? After what we've been through in the past 8 years, a bailout of wall street gets their panties so in a twist?

    But I look forward to what Mr. Herman and Mr. Steele can bring us. Should be entertaining, if nothing else.

  3. >Obama’s professional political staff show alarming signs of being hard-core authoritarian elitists

    As opposed to the hard-core authoritarian Joe Six-Packs of the Republican Party?