Privacy Hood for BlackBerry- Who Needs This?

mobilevisor-small1Anyone who has done a lot of business traveling has no doubt seen those privacy screens for laptops. Those are the screens that fit over the notebook display to prevent those sitting to the side from seeing what the notebook owner is looking at on the display. I have seen these, primarily on flights where people are crammed together in close proximity and I can see how they might fit a need for those working on sensitive information.

A similar product is the privacy hood- those hoods that fit over the display to physically block the view from others.  They work like blinders on racehorses by making it possible to only see the notebook display when you are sitting directly in front of it. These are generally bulkier and downright ugly compared to the privacy screens.

A new product for BlackBerrys brings that same ugly privacy hood to the small screen.  The Mobile Visor is designed to keep nosy eyes from seeing your sensitive private data on the phone screen. To me, nothing says “you want to see what’s on my phone screen” like a hood that makes it clear I’m looking at sensitive data.  $8.95.

(via TRFJ)


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