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Vid-Biz: Campbell, YouTube, iTunes

Former Wallstrip-per to Appear in CBS Web Series; Lindsay Campbell to pop up on the new web show Heckle U. (Silicon Alley Insider)

New YouTube Mobile App Geared for Windows Mobile and Symbian Devices; app is much faster than before and optimizes video quality for you Wi-Fi or 3G connection. (YouTube Blog)

iTunes Now Offers HD Movies for Purchase; the high-definition films used to just be for rental, will cost $19.99. (CNET) Meanwhile, Samsung launched an iTunes rival for mobile in Europe; Samsung Movies to offer more than 500 films for rent or purchase. (CNET)

GrindTV and Sportnet Merge; both companies focus on action sports world, new entity will be known as Sportnet going forward. (MediaWeek)

Is Online the Best Bet for Indie Filmmakers? Creators of Flatland: The Movie found more success on the web than in theaters. (The Hollywood Reporter) However, other indie filmmakers like Morgan Spurlock say the web just doesn’t cut it yet.

Microsoft Pokes Fun at the History of the Internet; company releases comedic video featuring Janeane Garofalo and Ask a Ninja in support of the release of IE 8. (Seattle PI)