Go2Web20 Gets Update, Now Even More Useful/Distracting

go2web20logo1Perhaps there have been times when you knew you wanted to find a specific web app, but you weren’t exactly sure what it was you were looking for. You could try a Google search, but those aren’t exactly targeted. That’s where Go2Web20 comes in handy. It’s a directory of pretty much every major Web 2.0 application you can think of, and a lot of other ones besides, arranged in an easy-to-browse format that’s indexed, searchable and tagged for simple navigation.

Go2Web20 recently got a major overhaul, which increases its usefulness immensely. It also adds considerably to the number of things that have the potential to distract me on any given day. That said, the productive potential of Go2Web20 is also significantly improved.

picture-12By default, you’re greeted with a grid view displaying 47 different web application logos. They seem to be arranged by how recently the’ve been added to the directory, since I can’t find any other logic governing their organization. Right away, I spoted PDFVue, an app I recently covered here on WWD.

Holding your mouse cursor over any app will bring up a brief description of just what that app’s all about. I appreciate the brevity, and all of the descriptions I’ve come across so far give me exactly the information I need for a broad, top-level search. Clicking on any app logo brings you to an expanded view for the web app in question.

picture-34The full entry gives you a longer description, a link to the app’s web site, mentions of the app on blogs via an RSS feed, a tweet stream if applicable, and a variety of links to let you share that app on Facebook, Friendfeed, etc. User comments and ratings are also supported.

picture-53You can also install a convenient browser search plugin that’s compatible with Firefox and IE, so that you don’t have to visit the actual site every time you want to find an app. Anyone can also suggest an app for inclusion using Go2Web20’s own convenient form, and there’s no cost for listing with the service.

This is a great resource for comparing and contrasting a variety of web apps quickly and intuitively, especially with the recent update. Even if you’re happy with your current web app load out, I’d recommend heading over to Go2Web20 and either adding services you use that are missing, or adding comments and reviews for ones that are there, since some community involvement will really help it blossom into a fully featured tool.

How do you find the perfect web apps for your needs?