Daily Sprout


Not What It Sounds Like: Porsche has gone solar. No, not by slapping solar panels on cars, but by installing its first U.S. solar array at a California logistics facility. — Fast Company

Building a Better Subsidy: For the first time, clean energy developers can choose between two different kinds of tax breaks (a onetime break on their investment or a ten-year break on electricity production), or opt for outright cash grants from the Department of Energy. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Regional Carbon Auction Reaps $117.3M: The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a 10-state cap and trade program, drew 50 bidders and raised $117.3 million for energy efficiency, clean energy and other programs at a CO2 auction this week. — Mass High Tech

Bye-Bye, Birdies: Energy production of all types, including wind, ethanol and mountaintop coal mining, is contributing to plummeting bird populations, according to a new government report. — Associated Press

Green (Lobbying) Party: Hundreds of hired guns are now working on energy issues on Capitol Hill, meeting with lawmakers and submitting proposals for financial help and policy changes on behalf of companies large (e.g. Google) and small (algae biofuel startups). — Greenwire via NYT

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