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Coffee Break- VAIO P Chillin’ at the BUX

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coffee_man_2I am having a great time sitting outside the local Starbucks using the Sony (S sne) VAIO P computer. I am amazed at how well I can touch-type on this little thing which is a tribute to Sony for making this as small as possible without being too small. The high-res screen is usable quite easily in Firefox after zooming in with the CTRL-+ keys. One of the first things I did in Vista was change the window properties to use a bigger font in menus and enlarged the close box. That is really the only adjustment I’ve had to make so far. I will report more on the VAIO P as time progresses.


My most favorite things about the VAIO P so far (size aside):

  • Middle mouse button that provides smooth scrolling with the nubbin trackstick
  • Two programmable launcher buttons (bottom of photo above)
  • Dead silent operation
  • Fast SSD
  • Drop-dead gorgeous screen (even outside in shade)

Least favorite things so far:

  • Right shift key is too small (keep hitting the Up Arrow key)
  • Slower than my MacBook (faster than most netbooks)
  • Vista (needs Windows 7)
  • Battery life (2.5 hours with standard battery, estimated only)

22 Responses to “Coffee Break- VAIO P Chillin’ at the BUX”

  1. daryl d

    James –
    The coolness factor will wear off very fast and what you are left with is a way underperforming maching at a way too high price. If they had at least made it a 1.6 ghz processor, I might have kept it, but 1.33 is way too slow. Also, even though the screen looks nice, the vertical angles are horrible.

  2. James if it’s Vista Home Premium, is it on the Basic Mode setting?

    @Kenrick that’s very good to hear about the battery. Usually I have to have at least Wi-Fi when using my MSI, at work when going over reports to access them. I only get close to 4 hrs. If I have all radio’s turned off I can get 5.5 hrs on the MSI with 6-cell.

  3. Using the extended battery I get around 5 1/2 hours with wifi on, wwan off, bluetooth off, and screen brightness down a few notches. I get 6 1/2 hours if I’m aggressive by turning off all wireless and the brightness down more. I had 7 hours of meetings to go to yesterday, and I made it through them all using my P without having to plug in :-)

  4. James if you did purchase a Sony P would you just get the 1.3Ghz? For web and office stuff I would say it would do just fine. I have the SC3 and for those apps it does fine. Also I see you have the Vista Basic on the Sony P you got for testing?

  5. Jenn so are you getting around 5 hrs of battery life with the extended battery? I still leaning for that Sony P ever since I saw at the CES Sony Style Store. I also looked at OQO but have heard some long waits for service if you need it.

  6. Mike Reilly


    Can you convince them to come out with a tablet version, like next month?
    If not then, then how about the same month Windows 7 comes out? Oh, and with active/passive/cappasitive screen?


  7. I’m guessing its faster than most netbooks because you have the 1.86/2GB/SSD config.

    Considering that all of the US retail models have the 1.33GHz Z520 Atom, and the model that was shipped to you retails for a solid $1699 at Dynamism, I think I’d rather take a MacBook and an EEE 1000HE or a similar combination. Could you comment on whether or not you feel its worth that $1700?

  8. Sorry James,
    As always I am reading the site from New Posts first thru Old. I thought you have had the “P” since yesterday morning or so. Not accurate when I say 24-48 hours. But I bet in this 8 hour day, you can probably still answer the question

  9. James,
    Right now, based on your experiences for the last 24-48 hrs. Is there a SONY VAIO P in your future? (And I dodnt mean from Ebay 2 years from now for $199 “lightly used” )LOL

  10. James, did you list Vista as a least favourite thing because you don’t like it or because you find it performs poorly on the Atom processor (I’d have thought the SSD would make up for that)? Will you have time to install Windows 7 and compare the performance?