Coffee Break- VAIO P Chillin’ at the BUX

coffee_man_2I am having a great time sitting outside the local Starbucks using the Sony VAIO P computer. I am amazed at how well I can touch-type on this little thing which is a tribute to Sony for making this as small as possible without being too small. The high-res screen is usable quite easily in Firefox after zooming in with the CTRL-+ keys. One of the first things I did in Vista was change the window properties to use a bigger font in menus and enlarged the close box. That is really the only adjustment I’ve had to make so far. I will report more on the VAIO P as time progresses.


My most favorite things about the VAIO P so far (size aside):

  • Middle mouse button that provides smooth scrolling with the nubbin trackstick
  • Two programmable launcher buttons (bottom of photo above)
  • Dead silent operation
  • Fast SSD
  • Drop-dead gorgeous screen (even outside in shade)

Least favorite things so far:

  • Right shift key is too small (keep hitting the Up Arrow key)
  • Slower than my MacBook (faster than most netbooks)
  • Vista (needs Windows 7)
  • Battery life (2.5 hours with standard battery, estimated only)

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