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Total Beauty Media Nabs Third Round, Acquires BeautyRiot

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imageWhile some larger publishers have shuttered their own beauty-based blog networks, Total Beauty Media is expanding: the beauty-based online media company has bought out rival site, and closed its third round of funding. US Venture Partners led the undisclosed round, with participation from an affiliate of existing investor Wallington Partners.

The company says its network now reaches 4.2 million unique visitors: Total focuses on product reviews and how-tos, with a large video library and community features like message boards; adds virtual makeover tools and celebrity-focused info and news to the equation. There are a slew of indie blogs and networks in the space, including Sugar, Inc. and SheKnows.

3 Responses to “Total Beauty Media Nabs Third Round, Acquires BeautyRiot”

  1. E Delegardi clearly has a bone to pick here, I am just not sure what it is and why. Just so we all have "the facts" straight, the press release clearly states that the Total Beauty NETWORK reaches 4.2 million uniques, not the site itself. The network includes over 200 sites and collectively reaches that unique visitor number as recorded on our internal servers. As is common knowledge, the ComScore panel system eliminates many smaller sites from registering their traffic despite assignments to those representing the inventory. And while we, like almost every other company in the internet space, did have to let some great people go, the numbers E Delegardi states are simply false. As for our being a "dying company", this sounds like it comes from someone competing for ad dollars with us, so take those patently untrue words with a huge grain of salt. We are alive and kicking!

  2. E Delegardi

    I'd check facts before you put your name on such a bogus corporate press release. Total Beauty has no where near 4MM uniques. In fact, ComScore reports their Feb 2009 UV's at 1.36MM. Quantcast reports them at 1.6MM UV's. This corporate press release suggests that they just acquired Beauty Riot and that somehow grew their traffic, when in fact Beauty Riots UV's have been assigned to Total Beauty in ComScore since mid 2008. This release is nothing more than a poor attempt by a dying company to take a few last breaths. Why didn't they talk about the 19+ lay-offs they've done in the past 2 months?