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More PS3 Problems: Sony Sticks Publishers With Downloadable Content Bill

imageNow you can add something else to the growing list of gripes that game publishers have against the Playstation 3: *Sony* is charging them a “network bandwidth fee” for all downloadable content they make available through the PlayStation Network. The 16-cent-per-gigabyte fee was quietly rolled out in the beginning of Q408, and publishers have to pay it even if they’re giving the content away for free. That may not seem like much at first, but if a 1 GB, free demo got downloaded by a million users, that’s an extra $160,000 a publisher would have to kick back to Sony — and that’s on top of the development costs.

Distributing content via Microsoft’s Xbox Live is free, and as MTV Multiplayer reports, a contrast has some publishers rethinking their entire downloadable-content strategy:

One Response to “More PS3 Problems: Sony Sticks Publishers With Downloadable Content Bill”

  1. corndog

    I'd like to point to one thing that is incorrect. It was stated that Microsoft is essentially charging customers for download able content. Incorrect, because you don't have to have a gold(paid) account to download content, and demos on xbox360. The gold account is if you want to play online over Microsoft's network. If you don't play online, and you want to download content you don't pay a cent for the connection to Microsoft. The demos are free even for the free accounts (called silver). But I fear this will hurt the PS3's ability to complete online which they are already losing badly oh well. I guess they need to take care of profit first before they can worry about competing I will trust them on that.