YouTube Goes Live, Thanks to Microsoft


[qi:_newteevee] Somebody somewhere in the Adobe offices must be getting pretty nervous. Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, an also-ran competitor to Flash, suddenly got a YouTube boost. Liz reports that YouTube will carry live video of March Madness, thanks to its partnership with CBS — and it’s using Silverlight to offer the video. YouTube, being a web monster, is a true king-maker, and the college basketball tournament broadcasts could prove to be a much-needed shot in the arm for Microsoft and its Silverlight technology.


John Graham

Before stating stuff, please research your facts.

Microsoft does make and contribute to open source.
Such as the hundreds of CSS tests contributed through IE8
And the ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Framework being open source.
Two name but 2 recent examples.

I think everybody should wake up and see that Microsoft today isnt the same Microsoft of 10 years ago. It’s become an innovating company with some unique products.

If you feel like you want to keep living under your rock and bash Microsoft because it was cool to do so when you were in hischool, feel free to do so.

Andrew Smith

OK we as a company have worked with flash for a long time, and the web dev guys do love it. However, I am hearing them say things like “oh thats so much easier in Silverlight!”…Streaming is so much better with Silverlight, no need for streaming servers at all!!!

Also, we can already use Silverlight for so many more things than we can flash.(And version 2.0 hasnt been out for a year yet!) There is no way we would ever entertain using flash for a number of our business applications, yet with Silverlight we can deliver web based applications that look great, and perform great and more importantly, our clients dont have to re-train staff or anything….after all, managed code is still .NET.

I am always shocked at how many web developers seem to be afraid of using anything microsoft? Why? Silverlight 2.0 hasnt been out that long and yet it already out performs flash in so many areas.

Franco T. Robles

I agree with andrew, I have experienced using flash but after doing a research and did applications with .net and silverlight, it is much easier and faster to develop an interactive RI application with .net and silverlight.


this is quit tough to express this all . Microsoft usually makes a monopolly so that is why they dont make a product open source.

As concern of google/Youtube , Based on performance they are more richer then microsoft


the windows monopoly looks to crush another competitor
but it won’t happen on my MAC
no MS wares on this apple ever
such a busy company
suing tom tom
cutting off Adobes air supply via monopoly
goto love them NOT

Dave Lozier

No matter how you want to look at this it’s always a good thing to see competition push companies into providing a better product. I have been using Linux for several years on my desktop and I think it was Microsoft’s Silverlight that pushed Adobe into updating flash across the board.


If Microsoft wants to make a dent in the Flash market, why not offer the Silverlight development environment for free ? Knowing Adobe’s development tools are not exactly cheap, Microsoft, with it’s deep pockets, can afford subsidizing the tools, if they are serious about a long term benefit of creating an installed base.


Adobe offers the AIR & Flex SDK for free ;)

You can also use free IDE like APTANA to develop AIR applications ;)

Rishi Sharma

You can download visual web developer express free of cost. It is a great FREE development tool for Web Applications.Silverlight plug-in is available again free to download to develop great applications.

Find more information at


Ignore the Microsoft shill reply in this thread: they’re being paid to say that.

Visual Web Developer express is not a full-featured development environment, whereas the stuff for AIR (mentioned in the parent) IS.

Plus no Silverlight stuff works in Linux, which is being sold on 1/3rd of all new netbooks.


The real question is: can Silverlight reach in 2-3 years what flash became over a 10 years span?


Om, YouTube is not using Silverlight infrastructure to stream. They have simply embedded the player. All streaming is being done by CBS ..


Isn’t YouTube still owned by Google? And doesn’t Google compete with Microsoft pretty much wherever it can? I’m confused….how can YouTube/Google allow Microsoft to be the platform for anything?!

dishon bilgory

I wonder if silverlight support for Google Chrome is part of this deal.

code one

Where did that come from? Really? I have found Silverlight video to be great. It actually worked better than Flash on the Mac for some time. Of course no one used it because it was from Microsoft, but that is because people generally hate Microsoft for a variety of reasons. Silverlight also does live streaming better than Flash.

What don’t you like about Silverlight video other than it is from Microsoft?


No SIlvelight on Ubuntu. There’s Moonlight, but that will always — by design — be a version or two behind Microsoft. It won’t play this HBO content for example.

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