AT&T To Sell iPhones Without Contract- If You Can Afford It

iphone-3gWe all hate our cell phone contract.  Those two-year contracts that sentence us to a term of indenture to the carrier make our lives miserable.  The only reasons we do it are to get the cheaper subsidized phone or because the carrier won’t let us do it otherwise.  Some potential iPhone customers have said that although they would like an iPhone, they don’t want to (or can’t) sign a two-year contract.  They may now have a way to get an iPhone, if a recent report is accurate.

The BoyGeniusReport discovered that AT&T is about to allow customers to buy an iPhone 3G without a contract.  The exclusive iPhone carrier (in the U.S.) plans to offer iPhones for sale without that nasty piece of paper attached.  The obligation-free iPhone won’t come cheap though as the 8GB/16GB will set you back $599/$699.  That’s some serious moolah, so you’ll have to want to forgo that contract awfully bad to go this route.  Any of you up for a big-buck iPhone?


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