AT&T To Sell iPhones Without Contract- If You Can Afford It


iphone-3gWe all hate our cell phone contract.  Those two-year contracts that sentence us to a term of indenture to the carrier make our lives miserable.  The only reasons we do it are to get the cheaper subsidized phone or because the carrier won’t let us do it otherwise.  Some potential iPhone (s AAPL) customers have said that although they would like an iPhone, they don’t want to (or can’t) sign a two-year contract.  They may now have a way to get an iPhone, if a recent report is accurate.

The BoyGeniusReport discovered that AT&T (s T) is about to allow customers to buy an iPhone 3G without a contract.  The exclusive iPhone carrier (in the U.S.) plans to offer iPhones for sale without that nasty piece of paper attached.  The obligation-free iPhone won’t come cheap though as the 8GB/16GB will set you back $599/$699.  That’s some serious moolah, so you’ll have to want to forgo that contract awfully bad to go this route.  Any of you up for a big-buck iPhone?


Richard L.

You complain about 2 years, here in Canada, it’s 3 years for the iPhone.



$699 gets me an unlocked Touch HD, and probably an unlocked Touch Pro2 as well. Need I say these are better devices as well?

Seems to me AT&T feel the squeeze coming from HTC.

I’m all for contract-free availability and unlocked devices, but the prices being charged for these “unlocked” gems along with the steep monthly fees carriers still charge for a voice-and-data plan make it unaffordable for a lot of folks.

And despite being unlocked, you still can’t take your iPhone 3G over to Verizon or Sprint. Maybe the US needs a 3rd GSM carrier…

Sharvil Shah

I would take it only if it comes unlocked.
Can anyone confirm if that is (or isn’t) the case?

John Gibson

If you are an American consumer what would be the logic to purchasing contract free instead of buying and then cancelling service and paying $199/$299 + $175 termination penalty?


I just bought one of ebay few days ago, 8gb for 628$, for me its worth it, because an unlocked iphone in my country (Jordan) is around 1130 US$ for the 16Gig, while Orange telecom has exclusivity for the iphone here, to get the iphone it will cost around 500$ for the 8gb plus a 2 year contract with a minimum of 28$ a month payment.

Rick Lobrecht

Some reports say it isn’t unlocked, and they will still require the same kind of service, just contract free. Seems like a win for AT&T and a lose for you the purchaser.


So I’m assuming that it comes unlocked, ready to use in any other carrier?

In that case its a good deal, phones are more expensive on eBay.

Would be nice if they would sell old first gens without a contract (like the refurbished ones you see sometimes on

Mickey Segal

Since AT&T service for the iPhone costs about $1000 per year the extra cost for no contract does not look that huge. this depends, of course, on relative costs of other service options.

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