An Offer From Producteev For WWD Readers


producteevlogoLast December, I wrote about Producteev, an app with a different twist on task management, in Social Task Management: The Next Generation.

Since my last post, Producteev has added paid-for plans, added to its mobile options, improved its integrated team micro-blogging platform and its UI, and now offers versions in Spanish, German and French, in addition to English.

To celebrate its public launch this week, Producteev are generously offering 10 lifetime Gold Memberships (normally $79/month) to WebWorkerDaily readers. Be one of the first 10 to request a Gold membership in the comments if you’d like to take advantage of this offer!


Stian Almaas

Thanks Ilan!

Good to hear that you show an interest in us europeans, as well. :-)

I’ll try out your gold account and try to find more bugs for you.

Wouter Lindenhof

Thanks Ilan!
I hope Europe was a blast for you and your team.

So far I found producteev refreshing on it’s approach and frankly I still need to get used to it as its a lot different than what I had expected.


Hi everyone, sorry for the delay, the producteev team was in Europe for the past 10 days!
The 10 winners (the 10 first commenters) have just been notified by email.
Thanks for your participation, and let us know your feedback on Producteev!


Sorry guys, but I didn’t get no invite. Anybody? I’m kinda anxious! thanks! cheers!

Stian Almaas

Good to hear that, Ilan! I guess we’re 10 guys waiting patiently. Still, your free offer is also good. Love your Nokia app!


Thanks to all of you for the interest, and comments, we love WWD at Producteev, so we wanted to offer you guys this opportunity.
We will be sending the invites over to the first 10 commenters by tomorrow.

Simon Mackie

@Wouter – We have passed the email addresses of the first ten commenters to Producteev. They should contact you.

Jonathan Heuer

I’d love the membership. Producteev is one of the web 2.0 project management apps that I’m keeping an eye on. Furthermore, it seems like the first one that nicely integrates into the existing communication channels that PMs and their production resources use: IM and email.

It looks to great job of “on the ground” task management. I hope their development roadmap has them building more for the executive suite project management needs- building out large projects with dependent tasks and resource allocation (yes, I’m talking about Gantt charts). Keep it up, Producteev.

Keith Yanachik

Here’s hoping that the offer will be extended past 10.

Judith Church

I know I’m too late. If you decide to extend the offer, I’d love a membership.


Perhaps there was a typo and they meant the first 100? ;) If so, I’d love a gold membership!

I’m kidding, of course. (not about the membership, just the 100)


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