The Quandary: Even The Most Successful iPhone Apps Only Reach 1 Percent Of The Overall Market


With the increasingly fragmented mobile platform market, developers, who are facing limited resources in the down economy, are having to carefully place their bets on which platforms they think will succeed. Mark Lowenstein, an mobile analyst and consultant, described the problem on a panel during the Dow Jones



Yes, compared to all the other smartphone platforms, the iPhone that has a global market of something that can be comfortably rounded to zero, it's clearly underhyped ;)

But then, some people even claim that the iPhone is the first smartphone at all.
Hmmm, guess my Nokia 9500 (and the E61, …, after) do not qualify as a smartphone, because they have been multitasking apps over 5 years ago. I mean everyone knows that a proper smartphone does only singletask.

"Analyst" seems to be a hard job, I mean it's surely a fulltime job to ignore any data, news, and so on relevant to ones field of business.

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