What's Your Favorite Web App, Nisha Chittal?


I met Nisha Chittal, Associate Editor at CitizenJanePolitics.com, at the SXSW panel “Are Women Taken More Seriously On the Web?” Chittal is also an online producer, editorial board member and political columnist at UniversityChic.com and an intern at ReadWriteWeb.

Nisha gives a little insight as to why Google Docs is her favorite Web app.

What’s Your Favorite Web App, Nisha Chittal? from WebWorkerDaily on Vimeo.

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Jun Loayza

Nisha is such an upcoming star in the blogosphere. From the very first moment I received a comment from her, I knew that she was going to do big things.

She’s actually traveling to Cambodia this summer so I had to get her on Awesome Bloggers. Here is the video interview I did with Nisha Chittal. I hope you like it.

I love google docs as well. I never leave home with out :P

– Jun Loayza


Hey Aliza, great to meet you at SXSW and thanks for the interview opportunity. I will definitely be in touch in the future.

Grant Anderse

What’s my favorite web app? I think beside facebook for social networking with friends & family. I think onecubicle.com is another fav of mine because of its cute jobs site features and widgets. THey make it fun for us to mingle professionally and finding the right job.

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