traddr!: Keeping Wall Street-wise With Social Networking


Social networks aiming at different niches are springing up all over these days, which is why I wasn’t surprised to come across this little gem. It’s a site called traddr!, and it aims to do for the stock-obsessed what Twitter and Facebook are doing for everybody else.

At first glance, traddr! might not look that interesting for web workers — who needs to join another social network? — but traddr! can help you in ways that might not be immediately obvious. You can use it to keep informed about your clients’ business sectors, enabling you to identify opportunities. You could also use it as a networking and sales lead generation tool.

picture-33Maybe it’s the recent rally the Dow has been experiencing, but lately I’ve been thinking about investing and how little of it I actually do. That ended up being a lucky thing in the context of the recent financial meltdown, but I used to at least keep up with the market on a very shallow level when I was working as a full-time consultant, just to stay informed. Especially if you’re doing work in the financial sector, you should at least have a general sense of the current state of affairs, otherwise clients might question your dedication, even if you’re only a web designer and don’t particularly need to know the lay of the land to do your job.

picture-52There are other ways to get that knowledge, sure, but traddr! offers a unique combination of becoming informed while networking, which is a lot more interesting than culling data from Bloomberg reports. You can interact with others via forums, groups, and blogs, or through wall posts and other installable applications.

picture-62Among those optional applications, which work like those you’d find on LinkedIn or Facebook, is one devoted to Twitter integration. Called “Twitter Tracker,” it allows you to track a search term of your choosing in a box on your profile, and display a number of relevant tweets according to the application settings you choose. Contacts using this app provide a convenient Twitter filter to find out what topics are catching people’s attention.

traddr! may not appeal to you directly, but as web workers we need to be careful not to throw away valuable tools because they don’t immediately present their value. I’ve already talked about the advantage of traddr! as a source of financial news with a human face, but it also has potential as a networking and sales tool. The site’s members come from all sectors and industries, and following discussions and conversations could reveal a valuable lead or prospect you wouldn’t otherwise have found.

What niche social networks do you use?


D. Porter

Traddr will lose to a simple, familiar more user/trader friendly site like The market data alone is only trumped by your broker.

n. a mini blog network for novice to seasoned traders
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Grant Anderse

I think it is true that we should not quickly throw out new up and coming ideas that can be valuable in the future. The internet business has always been at the mercy of users. If your sites are not generating enough viral effects to users, it is useless to continue on your marketing escapade for any other gimmics. Only some sites really stay while other just a complete flobs. However, I do believe that there is still much opportunities to be grab for 2009 in the viral communities as people are becoming technologically savy this days. Take a look at site where it is becoming another storm site where people mingle and get jobs. How cool can that be?


are you serious?? traddr is a horrible site. i can’t believe you would do a write up on this WWD. your credibility is questionable now…

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