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The Dell Adamo: An “Ultra-thin, Portable Aphrodisiac”

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Those aren’t my words (thank heavens), but rather Dell’s (s dell) own. Check out this video. It’s OK to admit it — I almost threw up, too.

All this talk about the “love of industrial design” and “exceptional materials” coming from Dell is rather odd. And could they copy Apple (s aapl) any more in terms of their design discussions? Let’s see.

  • Edge-to-edge glass? Check
  • Made of one solid block of aluminum? Check
  • Backlit keyboard? Check
  • Jon Ive wanna-be designer, complete with accent? Check

“Created to elicit desire and redefine the image of power.” Really? You know, between that comment and the whole “aphrodisiac” thing, this laptop might be illegal in 17 states.

So, aside from all the Harlequin romance language, what’s this thing really about? Well:

  • Dell couldn’t resist going with a lower-cost 16:9 display even in a premium product. Blow two grand at Dell and still not get 800 vertical pixels.
  • The “lightning fast” Intel processors are 1.2 or 1.4GHz; it’s pretty slow lightning.
  • Front-side bus is last year’s 800MHz, as is the speed of the DDR3 memory.
  • No graphics listed, likely Intel (s intc) integrated.
  • On the plus side, you do get a 128GB SSD.
  • OS is Windows Vista (s msft).
  • Minimum price is $2,000.

Even a cursory comparison with the MacBook Air reveals the Apple to be a better deal. Faster, a better screen, better graphics, and all in a 25 percent lighter package.

Maybe I should at least give Dell kudos for trying, but the video is a little… strange. “Adamo resulted from the union of technology with pleasure.” (Um, make that 23 states.)

11 Responses to “The Dell Adamo: An “Ultra-thin, Portable Aphrodisiac””

  1. Apple does not hold a patent on ‘industrial design’. I think it’s great Dell (and other PC makers) are getting into design; it’s better for the customer.

    @Rocky – the card was made by nvida, so it’s Dell fault? Logic apparently escapes you.

    FYI – maybe the wrong forum, but not everyone thinks the MBA looks all that great.

  2. What a ripoff!!! $2,000 dlls for metal cutting board. Let’s see: no optical drive, slow CPU and the worse OS ever. Nah! I’ll pass. Listen Dell: I want a computer that’s fast and solid and reliable, listen get the best quality hard drive, wireless and CPU, let’s make sure it doesn’t fail like your nvidia cards on the 1330, what a piece of crap ! I’m so lucky I never bought mine, I probably would pay $500 or less for a machine more reliable from HP, Acer, Toshiba or Asus.

  3. The Adamo has a integrated X4500 apparently a 200% increase in performance over the X3100 which i believe is in the last generation MacBook, but is still no 9400

  4. The Adamo is pretty – pretty lame, that is! Yes, it’s a pretty Dell, from a company that is famous for it’s much more traditional “dull” products.

    Mind you, it’s not prettier than the Air, which is technically superior not only on the hardware side, but the software side as well!

    Hell, Dell —- I bet that the Air even runs Vista better than the Adamo!