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Silverlight to Power 2010 Olympics Video

Microsoft’s (s msft) Silverlight will be back as the U.S. video-streaming technology for the 2010 Winter Olympics, the company announced at the Mix 09 conference today.

NBC (s ge) will once again use the technology to stream the games, and will offer 720p HD streaming (yay!) and pausing and rewinding of live TV (double yay!). Let’s just hope there are more “live” streams to watch this time around, rather the tape-delayed mess during the Beijing games last summer. It’s in Vancouver, so we can hope.

This is a reassuring win for the Microsoft video technology after Major League Baseball gave it the boot last year in favor of Flash. We had written that a little startup called Conviva might also be helping NBC manage some of its Olympics video, but that would be as some sort of layer on top of Silverlight.

Microsoft also said that there have been 350 million installations of Silverlight and there are 300,000 developers working on it. The beta of Silverlight 3 was announced today, and Microsoft said the final release will ship by the end of this year.

4 Responses to “Silverlight to Power 2010 Olympics Video”

  1. Microsoft´s Monopoly should be stopped!!.

    They are trying to spread their windows-only desktop monopoly to internet video, the same way they did it with ASF and WMV.

    I hope the DOJ gets on the case, or more importantly, the European Union…