Mozilla Outs Fennec 1.0 Beta for Internet Tablets


If you haven’t been following the development of Mozilla’s Fennec mobile browser, now’s a great time to start. The team delivered Fennec version 1.0 in beta yesterday and it appears stable enough for everyday use on your Maemo-running Nokia (Internet Tablet. The browser offers some of the best features found in Firefox: things like the “Awesome Bar” functionality, multiple tabs, and remembering passwords. The browser will also support Mozilla’s Weave platform, which synchronizes personal browsing data across multiple devices and even Flash video like that found on YouTube.

The above video offers one of the best user interface walkthroughs I’ve seen yet, and even shows off a little of the browsing speed. The Fennec team has enabled the fast TraceMonkey JavaScript engine that’s also found in the next Firefox release. While I’m excited by what I see in Fennec, I’m really wondering how long it takes before we see the mobile browser on other devices. Using the Debian-based Maemo environment on a Nokia N800 or N810 is great for development purposes, but these devices represent such a small percentage of the current device market. As it stands now, the Fennec road map shows future support for Windows Mobile 6 (s MSFT) as well as Symbian S60, but it looks like the S60 work only just started.

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