Daily Sprout

Drill, Maybe, Drill: As the Obama administration outlines its energy plans, it’s caught between oil companies calling for follow-through on Obama’s pledge to support some expansion of offshore oil drilling, and environmental groups, who want a drilling ban to be reinstated. — New York Times

Cash for Clunkers Back from the Dead: Congress has a new proposal to give out vouchers for up to $5,000 for people to trade in old gas guzzlers for new vehicles, a slightly tweaked version of the “cash for clunkers” proposal that failed earlier this year. This time the cash would only be good for cars produced in Canada, Mexico or the U.S. of A. — Bloomberg

Capacitor Breakthrough: A new study out of the University of Maryland finds nanotech can increase the energy density of electrostatic capacitors up to tenfold, opening up possibilities in the electric vehicle and device markets. — Cleantech Group

Making Vessel Emissions Ship Shape: As the EU and UN pressure the shipping industry to clean up its smokestacks, a Singapore-based firm called Ecospec says it has invented, tested and patented a way to remove carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, which causes acid rain, and soot from ship exhausts. — Reuters

Gore Lauds Spanish Energy Plans: Al Gore said: “Green infrastructure is the option of choice to solve the climate and economic crisis. We need sources that are free forever, like the sun, wind and earth. Spain is one of the leading countries in all of these areas.” — Wire.


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