Software for Solar: Fat Spaniel to Monitor Denver Solar System

Solar is a tricky source of energy — anything from shade to tilt to dirt can affect the amount of electricity produced by the panels. That’s why large solar installations are getting hooked up with monitoring systems to oversee and optimize the output. Tomorrow, at the opening ceremonies for the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, solar monitoring startup FatSpaniel

Fat Spaniel's monitoring system is supposed to ensure that the convention's panels produce at their maximum output at all times, and generates real-time feedback to help the building manager monitor the system. MMA Renewable Ventures, which recently sold some of its assets to Spanish solar power developer Fotowatio for $19.7 million, owns and operates the system. Visitors can also see the panel’s output at a kiosk running Fat Spaniel’s software, too. In case you’re not going to Denver anytime soon, this is what the monitoring system will look like:



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