Obama to Plug Green Jobs at Cali Electric Car Lab

The President of the United States doesn’t often tour garages. But this week, President Barack Obama plans to stop in at a plug-in hybrid and electric car test lab in Pomona, Calif., which includes the so-called “garage of the future” — a grid-connected, solar-powered green car dream dock.

Southern California Edison created the demonstration facility, called the Edison Electric Vehicle Technical Center (pictured below), more than 15 years ago, and teamed up with Ford Motor (s F) in 2007 to deploy a test fleet of plug-in Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs as part of the project. (By the way, Obama drove that same model — straight hybrid, no plug — during the campaign.) An SCE spokesperson confirmed with us today that Obama’s visit is planned for Thursday morning.


On Wednesday, the President plans to hold a town hall-style meeting in nearby Costa Mesa, Calif. Following his visit to the Edison facility, he will tape an interview with Jay Leno, AFP reports. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters yesterday that “the President hopes to focus and highlight the ability for clean energy jobs to spur economic growth and job creation as we go forward.” Sounds like green jobs will be getting a prime time (and late-night) spotlight this week.

Photo courtesy Southern California Edison