New Google Chrome Beta: Nearly Twice as Fast as the Original

Aside from strategic smartphone wars firing salvos today, the browser battles are also continuing. Who would have thought we’d be fighting mobile tech on two fronts at the same time? Google is offering a new beta version of Chrome today: Their minimalist and utilitarian portal to the web claims a few new features and plenty more speed. How much more speed? When compared to the original beta version, the new Chrome is almost twice as fast when tested against both the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks. Of course, any Chrome user worth their weight in gold isn’t likely using the original version. Even so, Google says the newest build is 25%-35% faster than the current stable build. That should be a noticeable boost, even to the untrained eye.

graph2About those new features: they include autofill, full page zoom and autoscrolling, not to mention a side-by-side view when dragging a tab out of the main Chrome window, as shown in the above video demo. Still no Chrome for Mac, so it’s officially PC-only for now. Want in on the Chrome beta channel? It’s all yours right here.


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